1. Age Proof: it is required that the student should complete the age of 17 yrs. as of month of the year of admission.
  2. Qualified Examinations:
    1. Marksheet.
    2. Passing Certificate.
  3. Medical Fitness: certificate issued by a quarified physician, dated not more than 3 months from the date of applying .
  4. Nationality certificate:
    Attested copy of the passport or a certificate issued by the collector’s office from’tne’place of residence of the student.
  5. Caste Validity Certificate: For the students applying in the category quota.
  6. NEET : Where applicable.
  7. Gap-certificate:
    In case where some time has lapsed since  0f passing the minimum qualifying  examination. This certificate shourd be issued by ihe institution where the student was involved during the said period and an affidavit from the student stating his occupation in lapsed period i.e. the Gap between his passing the Minimum Qualifying exam and time to Admission. 
  8. Final Fees Declared by Fee Regulating Authority Maharashtra for AY 2019-20