The Anti-Ragging Committee 2016-17

Anti Ragging Activity

we are informing you that , our institution monitoring the Anti Ragging measures very strictly and genuinely since long. Not a single case identified in recent years.

Furthermore, for your information-

  1. According to the letter from MUHS[Dated-30.6.16]new revised Antiragging committee has formed following all instructions and uploaded accordingly to MUHS portal.
  2. According to the letter from UGC[Dated 24th July,15] all necessary steps had taken to prevent ragging. Anti ragging squad is formed for regular and surprise inspection time to time at hostel, canteen and toilets.
  3. CCTV have installed at different places like classrooms, corridors, hostel, entry lobby etc.
  4. Anti-ragging posters have displayed at hostel ,canteen, library, common rooms, admission center and corridors.
  5. During the admission process all the students have submitted on-line undertaking, duly signed by students and their parents.
  6. On 1st August 2016, on the Ist day of academic year of I BHMS, an orientation program has conducted to sensitize students as well as parents on ragging related issues. Being the chairperson of the antiragging committee, Dr. Mrs.A. F. Motiwala addressed the students and given all information about anti-ragging cell, members of this cell and their way of activities. Class representatives of senior classes are introduced with the new comers to develop good relationship.
  7. Banners are displayed with name and phone numbers of all members at the entry gate and corridor of classrooms.
  8. Though cases are never identified still time to time interactions with students, are done regularly.
  9. Students are also given national helpline no. of Anti-Ragging committee and E-mail ID of the same, what is displayed on the notice board of the intuition.
  10. Seminar /workshop is conducted for the students, faculty members and staff where main speaker was Mr. Shrikant Dhivare (D.C.P. Nashik). Reports and Photos are attached herewith.