Annual Gatherings

The annual gathering provides an excellent platform for all the students to show their talents in applied arts. A secured and homely environment is provided even for the most timid of students . Gathering is a period to which all the students look forward to !


Campus Canteen

The college has a in-campus canteen facility providing decent snacks at reasonable rates. Students may also use the Hostel mess facilities for lunch by paying monthly charges.

Girls Hostel

Hostel facilities for girl students is provided in the campus. This comprises of self contained rooms with balcony. Provision is made for breakfast and meals and laundry facilities. An enclosed garden & in house TV room is also provided for entertainment’ The students  are supervised by a Hostel parent who would take care and also keep an eye on their well being.


The  college has a very well equipped gym for those who believe that  a healthy body is necessary for a healthy mind. Convenient timings and separate batches for girls and boys are allotted.

Internet Accessibility

ln this fast shrinking global village, the accessibility on the net has become a minimum requirement of the modern lnformation Technology. The college provides for 80 hrs of internet accessibility each year. Students may surf the net, communicate via e-mails during their free time in the College Hub Centre, which is open to the students from 8.30 a’m. to 5.30 p.m.




The institution has a central library which is rich in its collection of a wide variety of books, volumes, video cassettes, CDs, audio tapes and a collection of theses, journals, and magazines. It provides an atmosphere for reference and study’.

Departmental Library

Every department is provided with a departmental library for their own references.

Sports Facility

Sports for companionship rather than competition is the motto behind the celebration of the Annual Sports Day. The college is a regular participant in the tournaments organized by the University annually. Various Games, Athletics, sports equipments and infrastructure are available in the college.

Study Tour

The college conducts a study tour every year for the students of the first year B.H.M.S., in which students visit Homoeopathic Pharmacy, a Homoeopathic Laboratory and tour few cities and hill-stations. Usually, this tour is of 8-10 days during the month of January & February each year.





College provides bus service for all students which is mandatory. The bus transports the students to & fro from the college to the city centre i.e. Shalimar  area