The institution is dedicated to see that its graduates develop into multi faceted Medical facilitators to serve society in a conscientious manner and at the same time attain success in their careers through application of their talents and skills developed during their course of study. Presenfly this is taken care of by providing the following additional curriculum to those of the minimum standards prescribed by the Central Council of Homoeopathy.


Homoeopathy and Modern Naturopathy are the two sciences that augment the efficacy of each other. This fact has been accepted, advocated and described by the Master Dr, Samuel Hahnemann. Motiwala Homoeopathic Medical college is the first to incorporate Naturopathy in its curriculum, where the subject is taught during the final year of B.H.M.S. and the training is continued during the Internship.
The lnstitute honours the students with a certificate in Naturopathy and Yoga.

Computer Science

Modern Homoeopathy has the scope and potential to explore the science of computer to the advantage of the sick and the ailing. To ailow the students to deverop their skills in this most promising technology, the institution has incorporated this education as a mandatory part of their value added curriculum. Students shall be taught computers during the whole 41/2 years of their education and would finally ba a certified graduate in computer operating & programming certified by MDL Healthcare System Pvt .Ltd.

Spiritual Awareness

Healing is of two kinds, say the Baha’ i writings

  1. One is when practiced as a Science, as is normally done by the different medical professionals, by the employment of medicines and therapies.
  2. The second and more potent when practiced, is the Spiritual healing which in modern days has found many expressions as in Reiki, pranic healing, etc. Dr. Samuel Hahnemann a Spiritual person himself expressed his gratitude to the Good Lord for the science of Homoeopathy.

The Spiritual Empowerment Programme conducted by this institution comprises of the curriculum as developed by the Ruhi lnstitution in British Columbia. The Ruhi Book-1 enriches the students understanding of Human Virtues, strengthens his faith in Prayer & Meditation and creates a realizalion of the higher purpose of our Existence.

Universal Human Value Education

The college now has collaboration with the Baha’i academy for training students in the unique participatory course consisting of 6 modules called as the Universal Human Value Education as developed by the Wilmet lnstitute in Chicago, USA.

Personality Development and public Speaking

The lnstitution encourages the spirit of ‘Dignity in Humility. Every student learns to grow in an atmosphere of respect, obedience, and discipline. Students are taught-:
that ‘Discipline achieves what Ambition seeks’. The art of good and elegant dressing is insisted upon.

Regular seminars, daily assemblies, assignments, presentations and viva-voce form the basis of Personality Development, and Public Speaking. Regular talks and seminars by eminent speakers serve to guide students and train them.

National Service Scheme (NSS) Activity

This institution subscribes to the NSS and is active in conducting these National programmes. Along with these social activities the students take part in the D.H.C.S. i.e. Domiciliary Health Care System Programme and in conducting regular rural medical camps.

Radiology Department

We have setup a Radiology Department, manned by a qualified technician. This is for the convenience of the
needy patients. X-rays are taken here on the advice of the hospital Physician at nominal rates.