123A residential camp of Naturopathy has started from 26th August,13 in IPD, of Motiwala Hospital, Nasik. One patient is diabetic, anaemic and with pain in both legs can not walk without stick.One patient is having lumber lordosis.

Patients are getting naturopathic treatments like hot and cold fomentation, massage, steam, yogic exercise, physiotherapy and diet management.

Every day doctors are having interaction and giving some information about proper life style.

Patients are contented due to the hospitality shown by the staff working in the hospital.

With pathological investigations patients will also get Homoeopathic medicines.

Residential Naturopathy Camp – June, July, 2013

Activity:-Residential camp for treatments of different diseases with Naturopathic treatments was conducted at Motiwala Homoeopathic Medical College and Hospital Nasik in the month of June and July 2013.During 5 days camp all patients were occupied with Morning Walks, Nutritious Breakfasts, Yoga, Naturopathic Therapies like Massage, Steam Bath, Mud Therapy, & Magnet Therapy. Mental Stress of the patients was reduced with healing prayers at bed time and especially by Yoga-Nidra given under expert guidance. The patients were also benefited with diet advices, informative speeches given by expert doctors, dietitian, and naturopaths. After 5 days every patient had satisfaction, a good relief, and also practical knowledge about their regular diet pattern and yogic exercises to be continued to keep health.


· Mrs. Prabhavati Rajput attained such camp for 2nd time. On the basis of her 1st residential camp’s experience, she willingly came from Pune, to get the experience once again. She said she refreshes herself every time in the camp and gets relief.

· Mr. Shankar Prabhu from Karnataka was very enthusiastic when he read the pamphlet of residential camp. He himself decided and got admitted for 5 days camp and enjoyed the whole routine. He achieved relaxation on both body and mind level and so whole heartedly gave good wishes to the institution.

· Mr. and Mrs. Muradnar from Sinner were admitted by their son, when he went through the pamphlet.

· Mr. Vishwanath Muradnar, a patient of Insomnia was a bit anxious before the camp. After the rejuvenating session of Yoga Nidra, at 3rd night he could get undisturbed and refreshing sleep. Over all he was calm and satisfied with the treatments. Yog Nidra, massage, and steam bath played vital role.

· Mrs. Manjulabai Muradnar, a patient of Osteoarthritis, was lethargic and feeling weak. She could not sit down because of her painful knees and had great difficulty while using Indian style toilet. After giving massage, steam bath, and nutritious diet she felt energetic. Regular exercises and physiotherapy helped her and then she could sit down and could get up also. She said she would bring her sister for the camp and also would attend the next camp.